Adaptive Media Serving using Service Workers

5 min read

Everyone has experienced how visiting a web site over a slow network connection usually takes ages to load. We are going to explore how to load different media content using the Network Information API.

BLoC Pattern with React Hooks

4 min read

This is about how to extract the business logic from the components in a React application using the BLoC pattern from Flutter with the new hooks API and RxJS.

$watch with Angular 2

1 min read

How to migrate the $watch feature from AngularJS to Angular2

Events in Angular2

2 min read

About how to migrate events from AngularJS to Angular2.


2 min read

A retrospective about the work done during the Google Summer of code.

First coding week

5 min read

The first week working on the migration of Jangouts to Angular2.

First Weeks at GSoC 2016

1 min read

Joining Google Summer of Code Program to work on the migration of an application to Angular2.