Check for undefined in JavaScript

1 min read

Something that everyone that has been working with JavaScript for a while has done is checking if a variable is undefined. In this article, I explain which are the different ways that you can use for it and the differences between them.

The power of MVP

4 min read

A minimum viable product (MVP) is often linked to the startup world but is a very useful tool in large corporations too. And to succeed with it is important to have engineering teams be completely engaged.

SOLID - Principles of Object-Oriented Design

4 min read

SOLID Principles are a valuable tool to write good object-oriented software. This article tries to put some light on the subject with simple explanations and examples for each principle using TypeScript.

Adaptive Media Serving using Service Workers

3 min read

Everyone has experienced how visiting a web site over a slow network connection usually takes ages to load. We are going to explore how to load different media content using the Network Information API.

BLoC Pattern with React Hooks

2 min read

About how to extract the business logic from the components of a React application using the BLoC pattern from Flutter, the new hooks API, and RxJS observables.

Refactor TodoMVC with Redux Starter Kit

4 min read

Redux Starter Kit is a toolset to make clean and readable code when working with React and Redux. See an example of how you can refactor an existing application getting all the profit from Redux Starter Kit.

$watch with Angular 2

1 min read

How to migrate the $watch feature from AngularJS to Angular2

Events in Angular2

1 min read

About how to migrate events from AngularJS to Angular2.


1 min read

A retrospective about the work done during the Google Summer of code.

First coding week

4 min read

The first week working on the migration of Jangouts to Angular2.

First Weeks at GSoC 2016

1 min read

Joining Google Summer of Code Program to work on the migration of an application to Angular2.