Ending Community Bonding Period

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The period of coding for the Google Summer of Code is going to start.

It's been a few weeks since my last post, but I've been kind of busy.

Tomorrow starts the period of coding for the Google Summer of Code. So, as I said previously, I've been working on Jangouts (making some contributions, fixing some bugs, etc.). But also, last week I started making some tests. Not a complete test suite, just tests for some components; the code will change a lot with the migration to Angular 2, make a full test suite would be a useless extra work. These tests are to learn how the code of Jangouts is structured and know how it works.

Inside the community bonding period, I kept in touch with my mentors (@imobach and @ancorgs). This past week we had a Jangouts call (obviously we use Jangouts for meetings) to make the planning for next weeks. We will have a Trello board to keep tasks organized and daily meetings to follow the progress. Also, by my part, I compromised to write a blog post each week with a brief overview of the work of the week.

The next days the migration process to Angular 2 will start, but first I need a a plan.